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Grown-up Paper Snowflakes

I really enjoy having projects to work on – something to get my creative juices going and to occupy my mind.  It doesn’t take much, though, to make me feel like I’ve learned something really neat. My most recent daily excitement comes in the form of paper, glue, and an unfolded paper clip.

Quilled snowflake

The idea that cardstock and Elmer’s glue are the highlights of my week might make my life sound supremely unexciting, but I promise you that’s not the case.  This is just a really fun way for me to stay occupied and do something creative on a $0 budget in a house that’s a bit too tiny for larger projects (like refinishing my dumpster-dive treasure of a kitchen island).

snowflake collage

We just started decorating the apartment for Christmas, and the front window is framed with garland and sparkly new white lights.  The season leading up to Christmas is one of my favorites, and hanging lights and setting up trees kind of ushers in the feeling of expectancy and excitement over the holidays.   I think I’ll hang some of these in the window in anticipation of the wintry days ahead.

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