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The best DIY

Maybe I’m a little partial, but I’m convinced that I married one of the good ones.  Jeth is patient, creative, hard working, and not into doing things just because “everybody else does”. When we first started talking about getting married, I had to really justify why I wanted an engagement ring, and what I wanted it to look like. He wasn’t about to spend money on something that I only wanted so I could show it off to my friends. I eventually made the case for a diamond ring, and he gave me the best surprise ever by making the ring himself. I love that it is totally one of a kind, and that he loved me enough to spend countless hours working on it late at night, behind my back. It’s not flawless, but of course neither are we.

Engagement ring

He ended proposing with a diamond and a wax mold; the gold casting process took a few tries and I think completing the project in time while keeping it a secret from me was becoming a challenge. Once I knew what was going on, he could work on it anytime he wanted, and I got to participate (mostly just lending my ring finger so he could size the ring properly, and taking pictures).

Making the ring

Once the ring was cast, trimmed, and polished, he took it to a jeweler to have the diamond set (probably not something you want to risk trying to do on your own). You can tell that it has a little bit of texture from the sand it was cast in, which I like.

Wedding rings

Every once in a while (okay, at least once a day…it hasn’t gotten old yet), I’ll look at my ring and smile when I think of what a cool guy I married. Did I mention he made both of our wedding bands, too? He’s the best (and not just because he makes me jewelry).

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