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All dressed up

Our wedding was small and sweet – just what I had always wanted.  A long time ago, I realized that the stress and expense of a typical wedding just wasn’t worth it to me.  I really wanted to enjoy the day and the time leading up to it, rather than being overwhelmed with lots of to-dos.    When we started planning our wedding, Jeth and I decided that we wanted to keep our budget in check as much as possible.  The wedding day is just the beginning of a lifetime of marriage, and we wanted our money to go toward real-life expenses instead of things that it turns out I wouldn’t have remembered anyway (but that’s just us).  We ended up spending about $1,000 for everything: venue, clothing, ring-making tools (minus the gold/diamond), food, decorations, invitations, etc.  Of course we ended up doing a lot of work ourselves, and spent plenty of time bargain hunting during the months leading up to the wedding.  There’s no way our day could have gone the way it did without lots of awesome family members and in-laws!

Wedding party

Taking 5 with our candy cigarettes. One of my favorite pictures of the day – we look so relaxed!

One way we saved money (or at least made the most of the money we spent) was on our wedding attire and the outfits for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  I’m not a fan of the idea of wedding party members, especially the women spending money on things they’ll probably never wear again.  I also wanted everyone to be comfortable with the amount of money they spent on their clothes. So, we gave everyone a color palette of shades of gray, tan, white/ivory, and navy, and let them wear whatever they wanted.  I figured with neutrals, everyone would end up at least coordinating.  I did ask the ladies to wear knee-length dresses, and Jeth requested his guys to wear either a vest or suspenders – no suit jackets. Some of them wore things they already owned and just ended up buying a new tie or accessory, and some bought entirely new outfits.  I hope everyone was able to wear clothing they liked, and that they don’t feel like it was a one-wear purchase.  Jeth has re-worn every part of his outfit on several occasions since the wedding.

I was really honored to wear my mom’s wedding dress, with a couple alterations to update the style a little (no more puffy ’80s sleeves!)  Didn’t she pick a beautiful gown?  I love the length – I’ve never been one for dressing up, but this dress wasn’t so glammy that I didn’t feel like myself.

Jeth and Sarah

Some of the clothing sources that worked for us:

Goodwill (yes, really)
Rustyzipper.com (great for affordable second-hand vintage clothing)
Modcloth (for some of the girls’ dresses)
J. Crew

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