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Cranberry-Apple Fruit Leather

Cranberry Apple Fruit Leather

This is our spring break week, and Jeth and I celebrated his days out of class with a trip to Gettysburg.  No road trip is complete without car snacks (yes, maybe we’re just really big kids), so I made up a batch of fruit leather.  We had some applesauce that needed to be used up, and lots of frozen cranberries that I stocked up on after Thanksgiving, so I blended them together with a little honey the evening before we had to leave.  After a night in the dehydrator, we had a bag full of homemade fruit roll-ups ready to go in the morning!  They aren’t super sweet, so I didn’t even feel bad eating most of the batch by myself.  It’s just fruit, right?

Cranberry Apple Fruit Leather

1 quart unsweetened applesauce
2 c. cranberries
3-5 T. honey, to taste (or you could use sugar)

Blend all the ingredients together until it’s smooth.  Depending on the size of your blender, you might have to do this in 2 batches.  I started with just a little honey, and kept adding until I was happy with the sweetness.  Remember that all the flavors will concentrate when it’s dehydrated!

Cranberry Apple Fruit Leather

Spread it out on 3  13.5″ dehydrator trays (or 2, if you want thicker fruit leather) and dry at 135 degrees for about 6 hours, until it is dry to the touch.

Cranberry Apple Fruit Leather

Thicker fruit leather will take longer to dry.  You could also spread it on sprayed or lined baking sheets in a 200 degree oven until it’s dry.  Once it’s ready, peel it off the sheets and tear or cut it into strips.  Since it’s dried, it should keep for quite a while, but I’ve always eaten it well before then!

One thought on “Cranberry-Apple Fruit Leather

  1. I just made a batch and it’s dehydrating as I type this. And let me comment on your web site… Nice, simple, WordPress site. I hate the many sites that have too many crap ads now-a-days. I see one ad only. I can tolerate that.


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