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It’s time!

Planting onion sets

Saturday was the day I have been waiting for, for weeks.  We finally got to start planting in our raised garden beds!  So far it’s just onion sets, while everything else keeps growing by the window inside, waiting to be transplanted.  But still, it’s exciting.  It means that this winter is really, finally coming to an end. 

We are planting in large containers this year since we don’t have a yard.  What we do have is a 15’x5′ concrete pad outside our front door, so raised containers are what’s working best for now.  We looked at a lot of different container/raised bed options, and nixed most of them because of cost, durability, size, etc.  DIYing seems to be the Walkup way so we fashioned big rectangular beds out of chicken wire lined with landscaping fabric.  It cost under $15 for 25 feet of chicken wire, which is more than enough for our 2 big 18″x52″ beds and 2 smaller 18″x36″ boxes.  We would have paid much more than that for just one pre-made bed, so it’s worth a few afternoons of work to put them together.

Chicken wire planters

If all goes well, we will harvest a variety of hot peppers, tomatoes, mesclun greens, spinach, bok choy, brussels sprouts, peas, two types of carrots, onions, shallots, and a few herbs during the summer and fall. If it sounds like a lot for the space we have (25 s.f.), well…it is.  We are experimenting with companion/intensive planting, as well as succession planting into the fall, so we’re hoping to get a lot out of each bed.   Trying to make the most out of the space and time we have is a fun efficiency challenge for the researcher-planner in me.  I’ll try to share the results of our gardening over the summer, with what worked and what didn’t as far as our endeavors go.



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