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Baby plants

Yesterday the weather warmed up enough that we were able to move our little pepper and tomato seedlings outside for some sun during the day.  There is new life popping up all over our garden beds – every time I look the sprinkling of green seems fuller against the dirt.  It’s a good feeling, knowing that we’ve done something right and they haven’t died yet!  I am surprising myself by how much I’m enjoying our little garden this year.  It’s been a long time (since I was maybe 12 or 13,  working in my parents’ garden) since I’ve really grown anything, and I never thought of myself as the gardening type, but I am really having a lot of fun planning and now watching things sprout.

Garden beds after 1 week

The onion sets have been in the ground for about a week and they’re sending up green leaves like champs.  We planted onions around the perimeter of our 2 big beds and the two small square ones.  They’re good for filling extra space and should repel the critters that want to munch on the tomatoes, peppers, and leafy greens that will be in these beds.    You can also see in the picture above that my seed scattering skills are less than perfect (I’m actually blaming the wind for moving seeds after I sowed them), because the mesclun seedlings are coming up in dense patches.  I am also planting the same seeds in rows in our third bed, to see what works better.  I guess this is a downside of broadcasting or scattering seeds.  Looks like there will be some thinning and transplanting in our future.

Marking off garden bed sections

Our third big bed doesn’t have much coming up yet, but it’s planted with spinach, bok choy, peas, and shallots.  We will also be planting more lettuce a little later.  This is the most organized of the beds, with everything planted in rows.  We tied twine across the bed to mark where each type of seed gets planted.

bok choy seedlings

We planted a first row of bok choy in this bed, close together since we’re planning to harvest them as baby bok choy.  We will plant another row or two of these little guys over the next month, so that we get a continuous supply instead of them all maturing at once.  I do love seeds planted in rows.  Something about the orderliness of it all makes me happy.

Spinach seedlings

Spinach started poking up this morning, but there are two types of little seedlings coming up in the rows where we planted spinach.  One is the right shape but has very dark leaves and a red stem (on the right), which I wasn’t expecting.  The other is the right color but very tiny and not shaped quite right (to the left).  Hmmm.  Have any of you planted spinach (ours is Bloomsdale Long Standing), and if so – is the dark coloring normal at this stage?


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