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A bouquet of posies

Wedding rings


As some of you know, when Jeth and I got married we tried to do it on a pretty slim budget, which meant a lot of DIYing.  With the help of family and friends, we decorated and cooked everything ourselves.  Heck, we even made our own rings.

My mom is an excellent gardener and since my parents live on 11 acres which is home to lots of wildflowers, I thought it would be neat to use home-grown flowers in the bouquets and centerpieces.  Since we got married in the end of July, we counted on being able to gather Queen Anne’s lace and goldenrod from the fields, and my mom grew some other flowers to fill in the gaps.

The bouquets were made of Queen Anne’s lace, goldenrod, speedwell (raspberry and white), feverfew, daisy, dahlia, and black eyed Susan.  Our wedding colors were mainly mixed gray/tan, navy, and shades of yellow and gold, but we brought in some bright pink and raspberry with the flowers, just for fun.

I had never thought much about the traditional meaning of different flowers, but I found out what ours meant after the fact, and I think we picked a pretty good bunch!

Black Eyed Susan: Encouragement
Daisy: Innocence, Loyalty
Queen Anne’s Lace: Femininity
Dahlia: Dignity
Goldenrod: Encouragement
Speedwell/Veronica: Fidelity 
Feverfew: Health

Seems like a good mix for a new marriage and future together, don’t you think?

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