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Feeling Crafty?

I’ve been working (scheming?) on something for a while now, and figured there’s no better time than a sunny Monday morning to share it with you all.


I took up cross stitching a while back, and last week I opened up an Etsy shop selling cross stitch monogram patterns (and also completed cross stitch monograms for the not-so-crafty).  Eventually I’ll have an entire alphabet-worth of monograms in the inventory, but it’s full enough that I felt ready to share with all of you!  True to the Little House Bliss name, the plan is to sell small items for the home – wall decor, garden markers, tree ornaments…you get the idea.  And of course they’re all made by hand.

I married a pretty cool and creative guy, and we’re having lots of fun brainstorming ideas and putting our hands to work making things.  Stay tuned for a preview of our hand-stamped metal garden markers later this week!

You can find the Etsy storefront here

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