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Bravery: the story of a yucky old bar cart.

Today, I want to share my sister’s most recent post on perfection in creativity and homemaking (and regular ol’ life.) Good stuff.

rachel deroos

When it comes to creating, I am the farthest thing from a perfectionist. My older sister, Sarah, is very precise.  She will read up, measure, do the math etc. I more of a wing-it kind of gal.

Real talk:

I tried my hand at gardening last summer too. I (accidently) bought 12 foot tall sunflower seeds. Believe it or not, they don’t grow well in tiny terracotta pots. And your soil needs to be more than a few inches deep in order to grow a head of lettuce. Haha. Stupid.

I also started sewing this year. Whenever I wear something that I’ve sewn, you’ll know it because it’ll be covered by a denim jacket and lots of jewelry. Sleeves and necklines are hard!

I built the raised garden bed earlier this Spring, and while the plants are growing well, the wooden bottom is bowing out a little. So maybe…

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