Just Life

Picking berries

Blueberry picking is one of the things that I look forward to the most during this time of year.  This year I (yes, really) counted down the weeks until the middle of July, when bushes are loaded and we get to spend hours picking berries.


Spending time outside on a summer evening, dropping berries into buckets (plink, plank, plunk…anyone read Blueberries for Sal?)…it’s pretty hard to be stressed. And it’s even better when that time is shared with family and friends.


This year I was so excited to bring one of my international friends and her mom, who is visiting town for a few weeks (and my mom came, too!).  I love being able to witness “firsts” for people who are new to the U.S.  Not only did they get to experience our tradition of berry picking for the first time, but we spotted a family of deer and lots of lightning bugs on the drive home – also new for my friends.  It’s not often that I slow down to watch deer grazing or spend time watching flashes of light dance along the street. Seriously, if you want a new appreciation for where and how you live – get involved with international students!


Now I have juice stained hands and buckets of berries sitting on the counter.  I’m thinking this afternoon is just asking to be spent in the kitchen!

What fruit season is it in your part of the world?  Have you ever thought about what “ordinary” parts of your life might be an exciting and new experience for someone else?



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